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Arts Management Experience


Kensington Communications – Screening Coordinator & Social Media Assistant

  • Raw Opium: Pain, Pleasure, Profits: A feature length documentary on Harm Reduction and Drug Policy Reform. For this project, I performed community management and outreach to fellow community organizations connected with drug policy reform and harm reduction therapy in order to coordinate special screenings in cities throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Other associated tasks included all aspects of planning these events, graphic design and copy writing, research into community groups, and social media and digital marketing

  • Other Kensington Communications, Inc. projects I worked on included: Museum Secrets, Shameless Idealists, and archival maintenance of previous Kensington Projects

Toronto Digifest – Events & Administration:

  • 2011 & 2012: A multi-day festival conference on all aspects of digital media. I directly assisted the Event Producer with all aspects of planning and implementing logistics, workshops, presentations and expos, receptions and speakers for the festival.

Office of Religious & Spiritual Life at Vassar College - Arts Management Intern:

  • On-going Contemplative Arts Series (2007-2010): Paper Lantern Meditation Walks, Art-based Meditation Sessions, and other mindfulness-based activities throughout my three years.

  • Think Food! & Hunger Fast 2007 (2007-2009): Community Art projects along the themes of personal relation to food as well as global relations to food.

  • Boys & Girls Night Out (2007-2008): Arts & Crafts session for inner-city middle school students.

  • Coffeehouse (2008-2009): Coordinated performances, space, and Community Art components of an Inter-religious Celebration of Faith. One Community Art project focused on each Faith's relationship to the concept of Light.

  • Religious & Spiritual Life Day: 2008 - For a day celebrating the RSL community at the college and surrounding areas, I organized a large-scale Community Art Mural project; theme: Finding the Commonalities Behind the Symbols of Different Faiths.

  • Religious & Spiritual Life Day 2009 - For the RSL Day Large-scale Community art project exploring the theme of 'Creating Meaningful Space,’ I converted a 3500+ sq.ft. multi-purpose room into a giant children's playbox filled with blocks and other construction material to explore how we make meaning in a space.

  • Religious & Spiritual Life Day: 2010 - For this RSL Day Community art project themed on personal relationships to community actions, I organized the creation of a giant book filled with illustrations from participants depicting sentiments on their personal connection to the larger communities at Vassar.

Dutchess County Arts Council - Arts Administration Intern:

  • Assisted with grant proposal submissions, grant-writing, & dissemination of Information on grant & project funds

  • Compiled and archived historic materials & records

  • Maintained database records of members and sponsored projects

  • Managed outreach to new members and to existing members for project submissions

  • Aided with directing constituents to appropriate venues for support

Future Waitstaff of America, Dramatists - President & Producer:

  • Coordinated productions, projects, and events for a student-run theatre group

  • Aided in securing production rights for each show

  • Sponsored directors and stage-managers in booking spaces and equipment

  • Acted as liaison to other organizations as well as the Student Government for collaboration

  • Oversaw fundraising endeavors

  • Launched membership campaigns

  • Networked to secure talent, creatives, and production crews

Costume Shop of the Vassar College Drama Department – Technical Assistant:

  • Digital Archives Conference (2008): Conference & workshop event focusing on the use of digital interactive objects as archrival and library materials; for this I aided in onsite and day-of events and management.


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