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More About Me

Dear World,


     My name is Charlie Pane and I’d love to collaborate with you! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself.

     I’ve written a brief bio for myself below, followed by a more in-depth profile if you’d like to learn more about me and what I can do for you. 

     Trying to succinctly summarize myself often fails to capture who I am and what I can do.      To say the least I am a creative problem solver, holistic creator, and media maker.

     I manage creative projects, network and innovate, design and create, and love to bake.

     I have a B.A. from a prestigious liberal arts institution and a terminal degree in Game Design from George Brown College. I’ve worked in arts administration, non-profits, education, event planning, new media, and film and theatre production. I love collaborating and working with people from varied backgrounds on innovative projects. I have a considerable skill set and a unique multidisciplinary perspective that can be a great asset to any endeavor. The combination of those attributes lets me contribute my creative flare and wide body of knowledge, while also using principles and practices from other fields.  

I’d love to hear from you!

-Charlie Pane

More about me:

My background has a wide breadth and plenty of depth as well. I have a B.A. from Vassar College (a top-tier, rigorous liberal arts institution, part of the Seven Sisters schools) in Film, Cognitive Science, and Media Studies. Additionally, I have a terminal degree in Game Design and Production from George Brown College. I’ve been a fine artist throughout my life.

I have many years experience working in Film and Theatre production in a community setting. My passion in that realm is Costume Design; however, I enjoy all aspects of performance and design. I am also a trained Voice-Over actor.

It seems that just as long as I have been working in performing arts, I have also been working with arts administration, non-profit work, and event planning.

Having worked in performing arts and attended a liberal arts institution, I am a very capable facilitator and creative project manager. Another aspect to this part of my background is that I’m a master of multi- and inter-disciplinary projects.

I’ve taught and worked with classes from primary school to post-secondary and continuing education settings, and I am devoted to achieving a higher level of education in innovative ways.

My personal and professional interests include religion, human cognition, culture & media. Basically, I’m intrigued by how we experience the world around us and how we mediate our mental states to others. I am devoted to creating Positive Media throughout my career, and I also want to work with kids in children’s Media.

Having a liberal arts education from such a prestigious and rigorous institution means I am capable of quickly mastering new things and rapidly adapting to demanding situations. Additionally, I am well-trained in researching in a multitude of disciplines.

Job functions that I’ve filled before include: consulting, graphic design, program management, think-tanking, writing, critical analysis, facilitation, administration support, hospitality, design management and support.

I am dedicated to performing above and beyond expectations with enthusiasm and presence. I am an extremely capable person that has a clear understanding of how the ‘real-world’ works. While my soft skills dwarf those in similar career phases, I can deliver on hard skill tasks just as deftly.


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