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Caley enters and turns on a dim lamp that reveals a disorganized room with fairies painted on the walls from when she was a child. Caley sits down at her desk and begins to take off her makeup when another light in the room comes on and illuminates CALEY’S MOTHER (46), aged beyond her years and wearing a tattered and faded house coat, sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. MUSIC ENDS.


                                                            CALEY’S MOTHER

                                    Do you have any idea how many times I

                                    called you?



                                    Jesus Christ, Ma! Are you trying to give me a

                                    heart attack or something? And could you be

                                    a little bit creepier next time?


                                                            CALEY’S MOTHER

                                    I needed you home hours ago to help me. You

                                    left the laundry room a mess for me to clean

                                    and I can’t find my bra.



                                    I just did everyone’s laundry and organized

                                    that room yesterday.


                                                            CALEY’S MOTHER

                                    My ass, you did.



                                    I guess it’s a good thing that you’re going to

                                    start wearing a bra again. Maybe now the

                                    neighbors will stop complaining.


Caley’s mother rises and moves over to where Caley is sitting.


                                                            CALEY’S MOTHER

                                    I didn’t raise you to talk to me like that.






                                    For once you’re right, you didn’t raise me.

                                    You were too busy making Sarah’s life hell.


                                                            CALEY’S MOTHER


                                    If you don’t stop going out every night, you’re

                                    going to wind up knocked up just like she did,

                                    you little slut. From now on you come straight

                                    home after work and clean this house!



Caley stands face to face with her mother.



                                    I clean this house more than you ever have. I

                                    clean the kitchen, I clean the bathrooms, I do

                                    the laundry, and what             do you do? You go and

                                    mess it all up just as soon as I’m done cleaning




                                                            CALEY’S MOTHER

                                    You do what?! I do it all!


CALEY’S FATHER (48), who looks like he’s 60 and has some physical aliment, has entered the room now and is standing in the door way in his pajamas.


                                                            CALEY’S FATHER
                                    Doris, Caley, would you please keep it down?

                                    I have to get up for work tomorrow.



                                    Look what you did! You woke up your father.

                                    David, tell her she has to stay home and help

                                    me tomorrow.



                                    Can’t this wait until tomorrow?



                                    Are you taking her side?! I can’t believe this!

                                    I ask you to back me up on one simple thing

                                    and you can’t even do that?! You’re worthless!


Doris pushes past David and exits Caley’s room and storms down the hallway.



                                    You’re sleeping on the couch tonight!


Doris slams the door to their bedroom. David looks at Caley and then walks down the hallway. Caley closes her door and collapses onto her bed. She takes out her IPod and the MUSIC STARTS for “Product of Misery.” The music continues through the next two scenes.

Karaoke, a movie musical

Screenplay Excerpt
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